15 Easy Ways to Be Stylish

Everyone wants to be effortlessly stylish. Having style is not difficult, but it requires attention to detail. Anyone can define style in their own terms. If you wish to always be with style or in style, there are simple ways to do so. Everyone should freely say; I am living my best style.

What is Style?

The origin of style goes back to the beginning of time. Style is defined as ‘a way of doing something’. The term is seen in art, culture, history, and fashion. What does style mean within the fashion industry? It is the way that people express themselves by what they are wearing. Clothing is symbolic of each individual’s lifestyle, tastes, and personality.

1- Define your personal style

A woman is wearing a beige suit with a blue coat

Not everyone agrees with what is stylish. Everyone has different opinions, likes, and dislikes. It is important to understand what style you want to represent while dressing. What tone you want to set. In what ways you want others to perceive you. When you dress for who you are, you develop a sense of effortless style.

2- Make smart color choices

A woman is wearing a purple pants with a blue jacket and a white shirt

Stick to the color wheel basics. Fashion designers and stylists work with the color wheel structure to create the best styles. Pick from the following color schemes; complementary, triadic, analogous, split-complementary, tetradic, or square.

3- Choose neutral color shades

a woman is wearing a brown silk skirt, a white shirt and a beige jacket

Neutral colors are timeless, and will never go out of style. They can be worn over again for years. These colors include black, white, gray, navy blue, and beige. They can be paired together or individually since they match with everything. A well styled neutral colored outfit is always elegant.

To feel stylish, research what trends are the most popular. You can easily find this information on social media or in magazines. Stay updated with these trends and adapt to them to feel trendy and stylish always. With the right wardrobe, you can adapt an outfit to a current trend by simply adding a new accessory.

5- Accessories are key

A woman is wearing a blue suit with a white bag

They can dress up or dress down a look. You can pair sweats with a pair of kitten heels for a modern yet comfortable finish. A silk scarf is an easy way to finish a look with style. A standout handbag is a great way to complete a look. Other options are layered jewelry or dark sunglasses.

6- Prioritize sustainability

a woman is wearing a swimwear on the beach

It is no secret that sustainable practices are in style. You should shop for sustainable products from ethical brands. Build a stylish wardrobe by keeping it simple. To have the best style, buy less pieces that are higher quality. Protect the environment and follow the sustainable trend.

7- Match your makeup and hairstyle to your outfit

different kind of makeup

Match your makeup and hairstyle to your outfit. If you wear a minimalist outfit, you can be more creative with makeup and hair. If you wear patterns and bright colors, keep your makeup natural and your hair sleek. Being stylish is not just about the clothes; it’s about the overall appearance. Your overall aesthetic should not clash, but instead match.

8- Drape and layer your garments

a woman wears a black pair of jeans with a crop top

An easy way to be stylish is to drape a garment over your shoulders. This is usually done with an oversized blazer. It can be done with a chunky sweater as well. Anything draped over your shoulders will protect you from cold weather and add a modern appeal. It is a different way to switch up your garments.

9- Shop for versatile pieces

a woman wears a mini black dress

Versatility is key to a stylish wardrobe. You will have less pieces to choose from that can pair well together. This allows you more freedom to follow fast trends, while maintaining classic must haves. Keep staple pieces, and build style from there.

10- If unsure, choose to overdress rather than underdress

a woman is wearing a white trousers, a white crop top and a white jacket

When attending an event, ask for information on the dress code. It is always a safe bet to dress more elegantly than more casually. This can save you from uncomfortable situations.

11- If you are on a budget, invest in statement pieces only

Save your money for pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits, such as accessories. Instead of splurging on a dress you will wear once, opt to spend the money on a clutch or a pair of heels you will reuse.

12- Plan ahead

If you want to be more stylish, plan your outfit the night before. You will save both time and money if you continue to practice this. This allows you to build your outfit calmly, instead of rushing and throwing on the first thing you find in the morning.

13- Choose gold over silver

Many consumers hesitate on whether gold or silver jewelry are more usable. Since jewelry pieces tend to be quite expensive, opt for gold instead of silver. Gold is timeless; it goes with all skin types, tonalities, and matches with all fabrics.

14- Prioritize both style and comfort

Do not sacrifice one for the other. It is hard to wear an outfit with a proper attitude if you are uncomfortable. However, it is easy to compromise style when seeking comfort. Style is about balancing both, to create stylish looks that you will feel comfortable in.

15- Display confidence, no matter what you wear

One of the most important aspects of style is wearing it with a confident attitude. This will make a big difference in terms of how others perceive you.

Living My Best Style

To fully develop your personal style, follow the suggested tips. Remember that there is no clear definition of what proper style is, since it is different for everyone. However, looking put together can be achieved by anyone. Being stylish is about the clothes, but also about the individual wearing them. Wear them proudly and use fashion as a form to express who you really are.