Experience the World of Klodel

It’s luxe. It’s designed for you…

Imbued with a modern take on luxury, charm, and grace, each piece makes every urban and sophisticated woman feel good about herself. 

An array of styles – from premium-made dresses to artisan-level pants – are perfectly crafted with contemporary aesthetics, classy silhouettes, and purposeful functionality.  

At Klodel, elegance and versatility blend seamlessly.

Making luxurious fashion fun and accessible – one that becomes a cherished piece – is the essence of Klodel and the passionate French-born designer, Adélaïde de Buffières.

It’s unique. It’s tailored for you…

Each piece is excellently crafted in San Sebastian, Spain – using only the best material and carefully stitched together with you in mind.

To keep your satisfaction high, Klodel makes exclusivity and made-to-measure clothing happen. By taking customization to a new level, you’ll get an immense sense of pride knowing you’re wearing something bespoke – one that fits you perfectly!

It’s sustainable. It’s ethically-made for you…

Fueled by the drive to create an impact and create a difference, Klodel is on a journey toward being a socially-conscious brand. 

Taking every measure to guarantee exceptionally fashionable clothes of the finest quality, most products are created n limited quantities – making them more unique and desirable. This is Klodel’s way to reduce the negative impact of excessive waste on the environment.