tailored clothing

Benefits of Tailored Made Clothes

There’s nothing that adds a pep to your step quite like personalized and perfectly-fitted clothing. The clothes you wear have a substantial impact on your daily emotions, your self-confidence, and can even affect the trajectory of your life. That’s why it is so important to opt for tailored clothes that fit and flatter.

Finding clothes that fit is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Every person is made differently. One-size-fits-all is a beautiful fairytale. Not even stores can decide what quantifies a size 2 or a size 10. It’s constantly up to you to know which size you a categorized as in every store – how exhausting.

That’s why we offer a practical tailoring option here at Klodel. Unlike most brands, we extend our tailor-made service at no extra cost when compared to our standard sizes.

Our tailoring service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

We will cover the cost of a seamstress for any alterations or permit a free return of your garment (for United States, return cost are the responsibility of the buyer). If you are not satisfied with your garment for any reason, we have several options:

1- For garments that need minor adjustments, you can take the item to a local tailor. We will reimburse this expense up to 15% of the value of your garment. Just be sure to:

– Take your garment to your local tailor within 7 days from receiving your garment.
– Ask your tailor for an invoice and a short description of the adjustments made
– Send the invoice and the description to klodel@klodel.com
– Klodel will refund your expense within 72 hours

2- If the garment you received from us doesn’t fit you well at all then we can offer you two options.
You may send your garment back to us at no expense to you and we will create a customized garment.
Or you can simply return the garment for a full refund. We will once again pay for the return shipping. (The free return shipping is not applicable for united states, in this case return cost are the responsibility of the buyer)

There are many sizable reasons to get your clothes tailored made. Going the extra mile to ensure a perfect fit always pays off. We understand this better than anyone. Tailored clothes may sound like a luxury, but they are a good investment for everyone. While they sometimes cost more than off-the-rack pieces, they’re exquisitely and resiliently constructed. The added durability to custom fitted clothes ensures they will last longer and look better.

1-Custom fit is the primary reason to opt for tailored clothes

Clothes built to your shape leave enough room for comfort without being shapeless or loose. This built-in ease is the key to creating clothes that flatter all your best features effortlessly. Buying clothing that is mass manufactured means it is unlikely that it will fit you perfectly. Wearing garments that are too oversized can make you appear shorter and rounder. On the contrary, wearing garments that are undersized can make you look bumpy and awkward. Also, it’s hard to feel comfortable if collars, sleeves, or waistbands are cutting into you all day and restricting your movement.

2- Tailored clothing is the most efficient option

Many of us don’t relish the idea of running through multiple stores just to come up empty handed. Taking the time to alter one “good” piece to make it a “great” piece is well worth it. When you get your clothes custom made, you are assured a quality piece and know exactly how long it will take for your garment to be finished. Shopping is especially hard and disheartening if you’re not naturally built to match the standard proportions for mass produced clothing. Wouldn’t you rather grant yourself an easier and perfectly fitted option? It’s safer to secure the pieces your wardrobe needs than to come up empty-handed again and again.

Spare yourself the never-ending nightmare of running around desperately from store to store for hours on end. All you have to do to save yourself from this fate is opt to get your clothes custom made!

3- Tailored clothes will last you longer than off-the-rack pieces

Traditionally speaking, tailored clothes are built well out of the highest quality materials. Any and all elements are carefully selected for maximum style and durability. We carefully select the interfacing, the lining, the stitch length and ease. Each detail ensures the garment falls in the most flattering manner and will retain its shape for a long period of time. Tailored garments are also easier to alter than mass produced garments. Tailored clothes are also less likely to require many repairs in the long run.

Unlike ready-made clothing, your custom clothes won’t surprise you with an unlucky rip or busted seam soon after buying. Tailored and custom made garments are a great long-term investment that will last you for years to come. Perhaps even a lifetime.

Safe yourself disappointment and experience the benefits of tailored and custom made clothes. Strutting down the block in a piece that fits you perfectly can give you the confidence you need to find a date or land that job. At Klodel, experimenting with a tailored fit is a risk-free process. Off-the-rack is never your only option. Allow yourself more liberty and rev up your wardrobe with garments that fit you like no other.